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Calling all young entrepreneurs! Our bookclub is back for Christmas, join us and be empowered!

So many of you have big dreams of being self-employed, so let's choose and read a book that will help you develop your business, your brand and all of your big ideas!

Email before the 14th December to register and recieve the voting details to decide which book we will read and to support your goals.

We'll choose a selection of books from Stormzy's Merky Book range, for the group to vote on, and decide which book we will read.

So, how will it work?!

1) We'll send you a list of books to choose from

2) A group vote will decide which book we'll read. The majority wins.

3) We'll start reading just before the Christmas holidays, meeting mid-way and then again at the end to discuss the lessons learnt and how you will use those lessons to support you in following your dreams.

This project including the books, is completely free!


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