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  • Team Positive Role Models

Franck, represents 'Positive Role Models', on the Met Police's 'Independent Advisory Board'

We are delighted to announce that 'Positive Role Models' founder, Franck Batimba, has been invited to join the Metropolitan Police Force's Independent Advisory Group (IAG) The group is responsible for monitoring, observing and advising on aspects of policing that affect the community. Responsibilities include:

- Advising the Police on critical incidents.

- Advising the police on policy and high impact issues concerning black and minority communities e.g. Stop and Search, recruitment and retention of officers.

- Advising on operational and tactical policing issues.

- Interacting with the community to help promote an inclusive approach.

We know that Franck will be a great asset to the 'IAG'

, and we are confident that his contributions will have a positive impact!


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