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Good for Girls, Class of 2021!!

Its a wrap!! Our 12 month 'Good for Girls' programme came to an end this month, with a celebration at Pop Brixton.

We partnered with London Youth to offer young girls access to free weekly, dance and wellbeing sessions as well as the opportunity to attend a fun residential.

The programme consisted of weekly, two hour long sessions, where the girls learnt a variety of dance styles to music of their choice, whether that be afrobeats, soca or hiphop, The style of dance and music was chosen by the girls each week, based on what would best help them to express themselves and their feelings at that time.

The second part of the session focused on wellbeing techniques and group conversation, such as ‘Talking Circles’. The girls leant about stress management, relaxation techniques and more, followed by a delicious lunch, quite often from a local Ghanaian restaurant, which provided some, with the opportunity to try a different type of cuisine and learn about a culture that was different to their own.


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