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  • Team Positive Role Models

Join our lockdown book club on Zoom. Two Books, Five Weeks! Read, Learn, Discuss & Grow!

We know things are challenging right now, so let's have some fun, magical and imaginative escapism!

Join our online lockdown bookclub! We'll send you two books, and at a comfotbale pace for all we'll read one, at a time, meeting online along the way, to discuss the story being read.

So, how will it work?!

1) We'll send you a list of books to choose from

2) A group vote will decide which two books we'll read. The majority wins.

3) We'll start with the first book, meeting mid-way and at the end to discuss the story and share our thoughts.

4) We'll start the second boom and start the process again.

Starting mid-June, we have 20 spaces available! Email to register and learn more.


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