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The Fantastic Four! Overseas Scholarships for Our Haringey Hawks Boys!

A special mention to our partner Haringey Hawks Basketball Club, for its amazing achievement in securing overseas scholarships for four of its five its under 18s starting players!

The boys leave the UK this late summer, for prestigious schools overseas, to start their next adventure and take a  step closer to achieving their professional basketball dreams! 

From left to right....

1) The super talented Charles Harding, has secured a scholarship for KEBA prep in Ohio.

2) Alex Distras, team captain and BBE national cup final MVP has secured a scholarship for Scotland campus in Pennsylvania, USA. This is a top 5 ranked prep school.

3) The brilliant Ndewedo Newbury, has secured a scholarship at Loomis Chaffee Prep in Connecticut, USA. This school competes in the highly competitive NEPSAC competition!

4) Owen Young, sharp shooter! Has secured a scholarship at top European Prep Selfoss Karfa Academy.

The players were all developed from a young age, at Haringey Hawks, by its Head Coach, our Franck Batimba, who often reminds all of his players that "limits exist only in the mind", the boy's achievements prove that they have been listening!

The entire club and team Positive Role Models is proud of them and their success. Their achievements are celebrated by the entire Haringey commuinity, who are all excited to follow their future progress! 


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