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There are so many ways to get involved with PRM and we encourage you to do just that. Whether you're a young person in need of some guidance to help you navigate the difficult path through adolescence or a parent or school that need extra support, we are here to help and we also welcome anything you can do to help us keep providing our services to young people. Check out how you can get involved below and get in touch today.
Young People
Young People

If you're under the age of 25, then Positive Role Models is for you. We're youth-led, keeping your views, opinions and needs at the heart of every decision. Our workshops, projects, sports and fun activities are constantly evolving and bespoke to suit your needs. So allow us to support you, empower you and ‘turn your dreams into reality’. Come and make new friends, join our family and get involved, whether that’s through peer-to peer mentoring, volunteering or just hanging out for some fun. When you’re ready, please reach out!

Parents & Carers

Positive Role Models is here to help and support parents and carers. Allow us to help you explore different parenting styles and strategies, communication, behaviour, conflict resolution, rules and boundaries. We also offer mentoring which can play an important role in a child’s positive development, for more information, please contact us below. 

Classroom Lecture
Schools & Colleges

PRM offers a bespoke service for our projects, workshops, mentoring and sporting activities, for schools and colleges. We have a proven track record and use a range of tools to tackle complex issues, that lie behind problems surrounding learning and achievement. Our mentoring service is especially

highly sought after. For this, we send a member of our qualified and experienced team to work in-house with your students, to develop coping strategies, enhance motivation, raise aspirations and encourage them to re-engage in learning. For more information about our services, please contact us below. 

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Donate & Fundraise

Your donations help us to continue serving young people in North London and create positive changes to their lives, this not only provides you with a great way of supporting young people but also makes a difference to the local community. Additionally, allow us to help you and your organisation, friends and family get in on the fun and fundraise on our behalf, in your very own wonderful way!  Contact us here or donate below.

Parents & Carers
School & Colleges
Donate & Fundraise

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