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We are having a huge, positive impact on the lives of young people and the wider community. We're directly supporting disadvantaged young people in North London and this translates into tangible results that affect the long term health, well being and outcomes for them and in turn their families and communities.
Holiday Hunger

Holiday hunger is a real problem for low-income families, who normally receive free school meals. Providing extra meals during the school holidays can put immense strain on their finances, meaning that their children often go without, which has a detrimental effect on them developmentally and educationally. Positive Role Models is committed to tackling holiday hunger, and we believe passionately that no child should ever go hungry. In the first step of our mission to help eradicate the problem, we have committed to feeding children twice a week, throughout the year, and over more days during the holiday period. 

Upward Curve
Trackable & Measurable Results

93% of Positive Role Models members, report long term active habit change, participating in sport weekly.


95%  of Positive Role Models members report an increase in confidence.

90%  of Positive Role Models members report improved eating habits and good nutritional awareness.

98%  of all Positive Role Model members have said their academic studies have greatly improved since joining.

95%  of all Positive Role Model members have said that their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence has vastly increased, since attending our mentoring sessions.

92%  of all Positive Role Model members have said that they now aspire to go on to higher- education and believe that they can achieve anything that they want in life.



Coach Franck encourages us to strive for success in our goals on the basketball court. However, he wants just as much success off the court as well and he always reminds us to put education first. I remember the first couple of weeks at my academy, where he found out I had a poor start...Read more >


Coach Franck is an amazing mentor off and on the court. He has been coaching me for 4 years where he has taught me discipline, given me more confidence and how to be more respectful to my teammates and to my parents. Last year, Coach Franck put me and four of my friends attended a Positive Role Model workshop where we had to present ideas for making our community better...Read more >

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 14.23.35.png

For everyone that is going through the same struggle that I did with weight loss, getting better at basketball and school, just remember if you put in the work and never give up, you can achieve greatness! ...Read more >

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 14.22.16.png

Coach Franck came to my school when I started year 9 and did basketball sessions every single morning, as well as after school Tuesdays and Thursdays. I always liked basketball so I decided to go. From the first day I went I realised it was going to be extremely intensive and challenging...Read more >


Coach Franck has been there to support and motivate me. On the court he is very active and gives me a lot of help. Off the court he is very relaxed and a lot of fun to be around, constantly making jokes....Read more >

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